Lodging for Argentine hunts is provided in beautifully appointed Estancias, where your every need is taken care of.

Estancia Rio de Piedras
Rio de Piedras is located in the heart of dove country with stunning views of the sierras. The rooms are luxurious and this estancia offers many amenities, including a professional wait-staff, pool, wi-fi, air conditioning and personal attention.

Estancia Paloma Real
Pigeon hunters will stay at Paloma Real. This lodge is very contemporary and offers many amenities. Guests will enjoy the finest wingshooting the region has to offer.

La Pampa Lodge
Duck hunters will stay at La Pampa, a beautiful estancia with many desirable features including an elegant pool.

La Paz Lodge
For big game and ducks, hunters will stay at La Paz. La Paz is a very comfortable lodge in a delightful country setting.


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