I had the great fortune to contact Mark Enie at Primo Adventures last year to set up a 15 day African Safari for this last May.  I had been to Africa to hunt before, but this turned out to be a very special trip.  Once we planned out the details of the trip, everything fell into place seamlessly, and without hitch anywhere.  In short, the trip exceeded my expectations in every regard. 
    My PH met me at the airport at the appointed time and from there on I was in his most capable hands.  He turned out to be a very companionable fellow, extremely competent, and just a heck of a lot of fun to hunt with. My accommodations were first rate - not fancy - but clean, comfortable and inviting.  Similarly the food was also first rate - again not fancy - but well-prepared, plenty of it and served with the greatest hospitality.
    During my safari I hunted four distinct areas in South Africa with four differing types of cover and topography.  The diversity and quality of the game I encountered was truly exceptional.
    I can't say enough good things about Primo Adventures for putting this trip together. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody going to Africa to hunt whether they are a seasoned African hunter or a first-timer.

                                    – Steven Kurlansky, Lyme, CT

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      My hunt to South Africa, through Primo Adventures, was an incredible experience. It is difficult for me to capture the essence of the hunt and put it into words, but I will try.  It was everything and more that Mark Enie, Owner of Primo Adventures had described to me.
    Once we arrived in Port Elizabeth we were met by Russ our professional hunter and a more gracious host I couldn't have imagined.  The accommodations and food were far and above what I had experienced in past hunts in North America. I have been on three Elk hunts;  British Columbia, Alberta and Wyoming and none of them were as good as the hunt we had through Primo Adventures, both in value, quality and amount of game.  By the way, on all my Elk hunting trips, I never took a shot at a trophy Elk.
    Russ and his team were superb professionals.  The meals were gourmet quality and after dinner we had copious amounts of drinks, cigars and camaraderie. He treated us like family.  His knowledge of game and where to find them was incredible.  With Russ's guidance I took six trophy animals, with two on the first day of the hunt.  It was all fair chase hunting on thousands of acres of leased and government reserve properties.  I am hooked on this outfitter.  Hunting with Russ was an experience of a lifetime. A big thumbs up to Primo Adventures. I'll be going back for sure.
                                                    – Lou S. of Connecticut

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    I booked a Maine deer hunting trip in 2015 through Primo Adventures. Without question – everyone was top notch with their service, accommodations, food and friendliness. The terrain is rugged and vast – whether you like to cover ground or pick a spot a sit – this area has everything. Mark from Primo Adventures is very particular about the people and outfits he works with – the end result is a great experience for everyone involved. I missed 2016 because of business travel but I am heading back this fall with Primo Adventures and the “crew”. Can’t wait!
– Michael Brault, Bristol, CT


     I won this particular safari at a Ducks Unlimited Dinner silent auction; This was my first meeting with Mark Enie, owner of PRIMO ADVENTURES, LLC. booking agent of worldwide outdoor excursions.

Mark was very helpful in planning this outing and another successful safari for cape buffalo in 2016. 
     I also want to comment on my PH, Russ Field. This was my second time hunting with Russ and it was the first time ever for my two sons to hunt. Russ went out of his way to work with the boys and to make us comfortable. He was genuinely hospitable and went the extra mile to accommodate us. On one of our last nights on safari, Russ invited us into his home where we enjoyed a fantastic wild game barbecue with his friends and family. Needless to say my sons had a fabulous time and have asked to go back.

                                                                – Dan Gutt

     I'm looking forward to my 3rd adventure with PRIMO. The two previous adventures where outstanding from start to finish.Planning,food and accommodations where a definite 10 plus.Outfitters are pre approved and screened and of A1 quality.
                                                   – Deano the deer slayer

   There will come a time when you know exactly which animals you want to take and may have minimum SCI scoring requirements or other quality factors. You might want to mix Kudu bow hunt with a few days of Egyptian geese shooting. And that is where Mark and the Primo Adventures team earn their stripes. They have access to concessions and quotas that span South Africa (and Mozambique) that many of the big outfitters have dropped in favor of their own mega-properties and packaged hunts. It requires a heck of lot of work on their part, but the experienced hunter benefits immensely.
    Wherever you travel with Russ, Johan or Hartus you will get the feeling they never stop anticipating your next worry or concern. They know hunting and they know hunters. And they know their terrain and how to close out the day with a good South African red and Springbok fricassee. Great team.

                                                              – Jim