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What to Bring on Safari


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 Due to the fact that we have a daily laundry service it is unnecessary to pack large volumes of clothing for your South African adventure. The following is a recommended list of items to bring along with you.
• Binoculars (8 or 10 power), • Camera equipment • Batteries • Small Flashlight
• Small folding knife or multi-tool
• Toiletries • Hat or Cap • Sunscreen
• Chapstick • Personal medication • Boots (well worn in) • Camp shoes • Jacket and sweater (early mornings and evenings)
• 3 sets of hunting clothes in neutral darker colors or camo • 2 sets of camp wear for evenings after the hunt.
   Remember to bring only comfortable clothing and shoes and your trip will be fun and relaxing. Bring the essentials and

we'll guarantee you'll have a great time, also, packing and repacking will be kept to a minimum.
   On arrival in South Africa you will need
to obtain a temporary import permit for your firearms. You may bring in up to three firearms but not more than one per caliber, no semi-automatics. You are advised to get all forms and permits done before your arrival. This is extremely helpful and time saving as the procedure can take time if there are a number of hunters on your flight. The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) does all your paperwork up-front for a nominal fee and you will then be met on arrival with a completed import permit that only needs your signature. They can be contacted at